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Put Defense First!

With our self defense keychains, you can take control and stay safe with confidence!

Why buy our Keychains?

Simple, Portable, Affordable.

Stay protected with our self-defense keychains that offer affordable safety.
Equipped with multiple tools for your personal security needs.

What most keychains designed with:

  • Kubaton

    The Kubaton can be held firmly in your hand to be used for self defense purposes.

  • Spraybottle

    The spray bottle can be filled with perfume, air freshener or water.

  • Whistle

    A whistle that emits a high decibel sound calling attention to you.

  • Discrete Key

    The discrete key looks fairly ordinary and can be opened for self defense.

  • Personal alarm with light

    The personal alarm has a high decibel alarm that sounds and calls attention to your location. Also has a LED flashlight.

  • Stylus / Door opener

    The perfect tool for flu season -
    A multi-functional device for opening doors and bottles, with a stylus.

  • Kitty knuckles

    These kitty knuckles will deliver a serious blow to any attacker when used as a self defense tool.

  • Water tight capsule

    This item can be used to keep pills dry or a much needed doggie bag.

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Make sure to check and follow all Federal, State, and local laws, regarding any keychain item
Safety First Keychains is not responsible for any damage or harm caused by the use or misuse of defense keychains, or associated items.

Please note, products during shipping may come with some small and minor blemishes. The item's properties and functionalities will be unaffected.

Note that all sales are final.

Please use responsibly!

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